Blackfaced – Spoonbills in Vietnam

Blackfaced – Spoonbill (Cò mỏ thìa Mặt đen) has the most restricted distribution of all spoonbills, and it is the only one regarded as endangered. These birds use a tactile method of feeding, wading in the water and sweeping their beaks from side-to-side to detect prey. It has a niche existence on only a few small rocky islands off the west coast of North Korea, with four wintering sites at Macua, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam , as well as other places where they have been observed in migration. Two of them were seen by us in the Red River Delta Reservation Areas in early March 2017.

The black-faced spoonbill population in the 2012 census was recorded at 2,693 birds, with an estimation of 1,600 mature birds. Breeding colonies occur between March and August, on small islands. These birds are known to be crepuscular eaters, using intertidal mudflats.[1] Conservation efforts have been made, and surveys were taken in order to determine the opinions and awareness of the local residents, residing close to the black-faced spoonbill’s natural habitats.
Map 1. Locations of International Black-faced Spoonbill Census 2003. 1) Fukoka, Japan; 2) Saga, Japan; 3) Nagasaki, Japan; 4) Kumamoto, Japan; 5) Kagoshima, Japan; 6) Miyazaki, Japan; 7) Okinawa Island, Japan; 8) Jeju Island, South Korea; 9) Yenchang, Jiangsu; 10) Chongming Dao, Shanghai; 11) Ilan, Taiwan; 12) Pa Chung River, Taiwan, 13) Tsengwen Estuary, Taiwan; 14) Szu-tsao, Taiwan; 15) Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay, Hong Kong; 16) Futian, Shenzhen; 17) Panyu, Guangzhou; 18) Taipa, Macao; 19) Red River Delta, Vietnam; 20) Phentchaburi, Thailand; 21) Batanes, the Philippines. Source:

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