Le hôi – Little grebe (summer 2017)


Le hôi – một số nơi gọi là vịt nước – là một trong bốn loài chim le le gồm le cổ đen (Podicep nigricollis),  le hôi (Tachybaptus ruficollis), le khoang cổ (Nettapus coromandelianus), le nâu (Dendrocygna javanica). Chúng đều là một loài chim thuộc họ Chim lặn có chiều dài 23–29 cm. Le hôi là thành viên nhỏ nhất của họ này.

The little grebe is a small water bird with a pointed bill. The adult is unmistakable in summer, predominantly dark above with its rich, rufous colour neck, cheeks and flanks, and bright yellow gape. The rufous is replaced by a dirty brownish grey in non-breeding and juvenile birds. Juvenile birds have a yellow bill with a small black tip, and black and white streaks on the cheeks and sides of the neck as seen below. This yellow bill darkens as the juveniles age, eventually turning black in adulthood.

In winter, its size, buff plumage, with a darker back and cap, and “powder puff” rear end enable easy identification of this species. The little grebe’s breeding call, given singly or in duet, is a trilled repeated weet-weet-weet or wee-wee-wee which sounds like a horse whinnying (Wikimedia).


A couple of little grebe during breeding season




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